There is an abundance of Christians serving in public schools, universities, hospitals, politics, businesses, and government. With so many Christians already placed in influential positions in our nation, we need to recognise that the major challenge we face in a changing our world – is not a lack of Christians – but a lack of Christian thinking!

We have to realise that the Bible is not just a book of promises, encouraging sayings and moral commandments, but a blueprint for how to manage and disciple nations! (Matthew 28:19) God has something to say regarding economics, health care, immigration, politics, science, history and how to care for the planet.

Even when our nation experienced revival in certain places, there were never long lasting effects regarding the spheres of education, law, the arts and politics. That is because Christians, without a Christ-centered worldview, are only ready to go to heaven but do not know how to fulfil the calling of stewardship here on earth.

The church needs to speak the language of Babylon, so to speak. After gaining a biblical worldview, believers need to speak the language of the culture they are in. For example, in the same way rugby uses words associated with the game such as ‘try’, ‘ruck’ and ‘hooker’, the disciplines of political science, economics, sociology and education, all have their own terminologies. We must master these terminologies if we want to be heard and have a real transformational impact. Quoting Bible passages and preaching at influential people, just won’t cut it.

What to do: If you are a believer already successfully immersed in a particular discipline, you need to think through the biblical concepts that apply to your field of work. Then you need to re-work them into terms that un-churched people can connect with.

Since the Bible has the best ideas – because it reflects God’s thinking! – mature believers, who do this skilfully, can expect to be elevated to the highest places of prominence in their respective fields.



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