We have just been confronted with legal action wanting to stop all Christian engagement in our schools. This is a rallying cry for all who understand the value of our Christian convictions in education.

In a world that is constantly changing, our commitment to Christian values can play a vital role of bringing hope, vision, direction and stability in many areas of people’s lives.

History has shown, time and time again, that wherever Christianity has gone, societies were radically transformed. It always started with spiritual transformation in people’s lives that inevitably resulted in a wake of societal impact.

When real, spiritual transformation takes place in a community, it always has great impact on society. Orphanages are started, and schools, universities and hospitals are founded. The hungry are fed, the homeless are sheltered and those dying of aids are comforted. Structures and systems of society become humane and just and give people environments in which their lives can flourish.

This is why schools and colleges are to rise to the challenge. They are to be educational environments facilitating not only quality education, but also facilitating deep spiritual transformation in individuals, and so ultimately transforming society.

Simply put: our schools are to be places where we raise city and world changers.


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