It might seem like a daunting and even impossible task: influencing and ultimately changing our world. But we find practical principles from the life of Daniel, on how to effectively transform a society.

Be prepared: God allowed the Jews who had prepared themselves – and who had potential – to be chosen and set apart (Daniel 1:4). Notice their qualifications: Good appearance, showing intelligence in every branch of wisdom, endowed with wisdom and understanding, and the ability to serve in the king’s court as his advisors, the highest political positions.

Get training: Daniel and his friends were trained in higher education to be placed as the heads of societal positions. They had a Biblical foundation, and therefore a biblical worldview that could be well applied in the secular world. (Daniel 1:5).

Speak the language: Daniel and his friends were trained in all the literature and language of the Chaldeans (Daniel 1:4). Effective biblical worldview thinking means knowing and understanding popular and contemporary literature so the Bible can be applied skillfully to it. Daniel and his friends were trained to speak the language of Babylon.

Adapt or die: Daniel allowed himself to be renamed (Daniel 1:7). They fully identified themselves to their surrounding culture, without any sense of compromise. Paul said that his method of soul winning included becoming all things to all people that he may win some (1 Corinthians 9).

Don’t compromise: Daniel didn’t compromise his faith or his internal identity (Daniel 1:8). Daniel purposed in his heart his commitment to what he knew was right, and engaged the secular world with grace! When Jesus became a human He lived in such a way, making himself attractive even to sinners, without ever compromising His divinity and holiness.

Trust God for favor: Daniel and his friends trusted God to grant favor and lift them up every step of the way in their journey into prominent positions of influence (Daniel 1:9). We live from a sense of calling and destiny, and live within divine favor that translates into moments of tangible blessing.

Seize the day: Daniel seized every opportunity presented him to reason with those in influence (Daniel 1: 12-14)

Live in love: God loved the Babylonians so much he allowed His people to be taken captive and live in their land so that His Word could transform this empire.


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