I, and many fellow South Africans are saddened by the passing of one of the most respected and revered humans ever to grace the planet, the father of our new nation of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

As we work through the loss of such a great leader, we reflect with gratitude on the life and legacy of this international icon. We thank God for his special involvement to establish our new democratic South Africa. We treasure the memory of the spirit of reconciliation that permeated our country through his magnanimous actions of forgiveness and the embrace of all peoples as having equal value before God! May we honour his memory by embracing and protecting these values!

As we mourn his passing as a nation, let us place our hope for the future, not for another ‘Mandela’ to arise, but rather in the One before whom he now stands, Jesus Christ the Lord of lords and King of kings!


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  1. Thank you Alan. We are indeed grateful for his legacy! May we also embrace the faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ to keep and guide us. – Wouter

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