Imagine you have lived in a shack all your life. At the age of 73, for the first time, you can live in and own a brand new two-bedroom home.

We as a Platt family had the privilege of sharing this moment with an incredible lady, Johanna Rakale. She is a widow who looks after her orphaned grandchild who lost his mother through HIV and Aids.

At the age of 60, looking for a work to bring in a minimum wage, she crossed our path as the Platt family. She started working for us as a domestic worker. As with many other South African domestic workers, it meant that she had to leave her shanty town at 4:00 am in the morning to be able to be at our house at 7:00. Come rain or shine, she was a diligent, committed individual who also dearly loved the Lord.


She never lost her joy, even while staying in a shack, where it was extremely hot in summer and bitterly cold in winter. As a family we started to trust God for her to have her own home. We did not have the means as a family to build her a home, and trusted God for a miracle.

This miracle has happened as God worked through others who partnered with us. A week ago, we were able to celebrate the inauguration of this most beautiful home that is now in the proud ownership of Johanna and her family.

It feels so good to be part of the process of bringing joy and uplifting other people’s lives.


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