Hebrews 12:2:  “Looking away unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.”

People are lost, because they listen to the wrong voices and look and focus on the wrong things. We are challenged to live a victorious life by looking at Jesus. That is how we get rid of every weight of circumstance, every challenge of life and every sin which seeks to cling so closely to keep us captive to a lower level of life. The challenge is to look away from these things, to a higher reference, namely Christ.

In I Corinthians 9:24-27, Paul speaks of the athlete that wants to run, but every time there is a sin, an interruption, something that holds him down, and he feels condemned – he feels weak and in need again. The Word says that we can encourage and strengthen the weak knees and make firm the feeble hands, by looking unto Jesus. Isaiah 35:3-4 says: “Strengthen the weak hands, make firm the feeble knees, say unto them; behold your God.

Stop looking at your problem, stop looking at your need. Stop studying the history of your unique struggle and begin to study and look intently into the perfect law of liberty. The Lordship of Jesus Christ established a perfect law of liberty – a law God has set into motion. James 1:25 says:  “But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the word, this one will be blessed in what he does.”

To enter into that perfect law of liberty, asks for the diligence of my looking and seeing – a commitment to uninterrupted ‘beholding of Him’. We become what we behold.

We secure our life of victory when we refuse to have anything interfere with the Word – and its place in our life, its place in our mouth, and its place in our meditation. Refuse the contradiction, and refuse to tamper with God’s Word.

Pay the closer attention — the Greek word means ‘to become addicted to.’ Without becoming addicted to what God is saying about you, you will always live a frustrated life. There is no other place of victory. But a place of totally becoming addicted to God’s opinion of you, that’s what gives value to your life.

Paul proclaims: “Whatever gain I had through man’s applause, man’s recognition, my noble birth, my wisdom, my education, I count it as refuse. It cannot compare to the worth that I found, the applause that I found in God’s recognition of man in terms of his interpretation of the cross”.

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