Would you say that you have a biblical worldview – based on a thorough understanding of the Bible? Or do you know only a few pet Bible verses that you quote for physical, financial and emotional health, resulting in an unbalanced and a humanistic worldview?

These are two opposites of the pole, with many believers ranging somewhere in between. When we really explore what the Bible says and agree with its general principles regarding history, law, psychology, education, religion, politics, economics, family, and science, then we can have a biblical worldview that serves as our lens to interpret the world around us.

Because we are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27) we need to learn how to think God’s thoughts in all areas of life. In other words, our thoughts should be offshoot of God’s thoughts and not merely our own biased ideas and opinions. Most Christians often fall back on secular, humanistic views when thinking and talking about practical matters dealing with the stewardship of the earth.

This unfortunately leaves the church to deal only with matters of religion, emotional restoration and spirituality. The result is that, although we have an abundance of Christians serving in the secular world and record numbers of people attending church on Sundays, we are not changing our world!

Genuine Christianity is a way of seeing and understanding all reality. It is a worldview. Everything that exists came into being at Christ’s command and is therefore subject to him, finding its purpose and meaning in him. The implication is that in every topic we investigate, from ethics to economics to ecology, the truth is found only in relationship to Jesus Christ and his revelation.

The entire cosmos can be understood only in relation to Him. The church’s biggest failure in recent decades has been the failure to see Christianity as a life system that governs every area of existence. By failing to see this, we miss great depths of beauty and meaning: the thrill of seeing God’s splendor in the intricacies of nature hearing his voice in the performance of a great symphony orchestra or detecting his character in the harmony of a well ordered community.



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  1. Allan, This is the most relevant post I have read this month! This is the time for the Son’s of God to take our rightful place and walk in true stewardship…

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