Children must be encouraged to excel in school, not to compete or feed their ego’s – but because of their sense of calling.

Having a multi-generational plan of training our children to be Christian thinkers and practitioners is the most important calling a parent, a school and church has!

An understanding of your calling

Unfortunately, most Christian parents do not do enough to nurture their children to be world-class leaders. To nurture city and world-changers, as a general rule, young children between 3-10 years old should be immersed in an understanding of Gods acceptance, calling and destiny on their lives.

Once children are in high school, parents and churches need to begin to teach their children how to understand and apply a Christ Centered worldview regarding history, education, government, and business and every other discipline.

They must achieve to qualify to attend the best universities and colleges available. In this way, we are not just teaching our children how not to backslide but how to take on the world and be leaders in culture and society.

Think Biblically, speak secularly

The Bible teaches that we need to have an approach in which we teach our biological and spiritual children to think biblically and speak secularly so they will always be trained to apply the Bible to everyday life. By doing this we will nurture the greatest leaders the world has ever seen, just as the church of old did with the greatest artists, scientists, writers, politicians, and educators that transformed Europe and North America.

Up until the mid 1800’s the church not only cared for the down and out but also nurtured the cultural elites that became the mind moulders of their time. It is sad that nowadays, instead of starting world-class universities like Harvard or Yale, the church shuns higher education and encourages emerging leaders merely to attend their Bible institutes.

As long as we are afraid of higher education we will never ascend to the head of culture. It is time for believers to become the cultural elites of society so that we can lead our communities with wisdom and justice.


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