Prepare kids for leading, not just following

 Children must be encouraged to excel in school, not to compete or feed their ego’s – but because of their sense of calling. Having a multi-generational plan of training our children to be Christian thinkers and practitioners is the most important calling a parent, a school and church has! An understanding of your calling Unfortunately, […]

Tips from Daniel: how to influence modern secular society

It might seem like a daunting and even impossible task: influencing and ultimately changing our world. But we find practical principles from the life of Daniel, on how to effectively transform a society. Be prepared: God allowed the Jews who had prepared themselves – and who had potential – to be chosen and set apart […]

We need Christian thinking, not more Christians in leadership

There is an abundance of Christians serving in public schools, universities, hospitals, politics, businesses, and government. With so many Christians already placed in influential positions in our nation, we need to recognise that the major challenge we face in a changing our world – is not a lack of Christians – but a lack of Christian […]

So have you changed your worldview lately?

Would you say that you have a biblical worldview – based on a thorough understanding of the Bible? Or do you know only a few pet Bible verses that you quote for physical, financial and emotional health, resulting in an unbalanced and a humanistic worldview? These are two opposites of the pole, with many believers […]