An open letter to the SA Christian community

In 1994 South Africa embraced a new dispensation in which political change re-positioned every single person in our nation. Many will recall the anxious season that led up to this event with much bloodshed and uncertainty prevailing regarding the future. The transition to the new dispensation happened in a way that it was internationally hailed […]

Nelson Mandela – we reflect with gratitude

I, and many fellow South Africans are saddened by the passing of one of the most respected and revered humans ever to grace the planet, the father of our new nation of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. As we work through the loss of such a great leader, we reflect with gratitude on the life and […]

From a shack to a home

Imagine you have lived in a shack all your life. At the age of 73, for the first time, you can live in and own a brand new two-bedroom home. We as a Platt family had the privilege of sharing this moment with an incredible lady, Johanna Rakale. She is a widow who looks after […]